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Tenant Application & Instructions

Thank you so much for your interest in an apartment we have available at Subway Realty Group. We are excited to help you through the approval process so we can have you in your new place quickly! In order to move forward, we need the below documents forwarded as soon as possible. Once you are pre-approved, leases can be generated and once signed you’ll be good to move in.

First and foremost please fill out an application for the apartment below. You will need the following:

1. Copy of photo ID for Tenant (In color please)

2. Proof of Income for Tenant (W2, Tax Return, 3 Recent Pay Stubs, Employment Letter or School Acceptance Letter/Class Schedule)

3. Proof of Funds for Tenant (Screen Shot of Most Recent Bank Statement /
Investments Portfolio) (Account numbers may be scratched if preferred. Name and Available Balance Must Be Visible. Landlord is looking for at least 1st months rent and security in the account)


Please have your Guarantor first fill out the Guarantor Application.

After completing the application, please have them upload the below documents for approval:

Please submit all documents here:

2. Copy of photo ID for Guarantor (In color please)

3. Proof of Income for Guarantor (W2, Tax Return or 3 Recent Pay Stubs)

4. Proof of Funds for Guarantor (Screen Shot of Most Recent Bank Statement / Investments Portfolio) (Account numbers may be scratched if preferred. Name and Balance Must Be Visible)

5. Attached is a Guarantee of Payment document which guarantors must get signed, notarized and have the ORIGINAL mailed to our office at 74 Cornelia St. Brooklyn, NY 11221. We ask for a digital copy submitted above but must receive this original document immediately. The file is considered incomplete until the original is received thus tenants may not move in.


The Landlord is looking for a tenant with job history (at least 5 months at current location) to generate 40x their portion of the monthly rent on an annual basis or 80x for a guarantor. (If your portion of rent is $1000/month, landlord is looking for you to make $40,000 a year or you will need a guarantor who is making $80,000 a year) Strong credit is also very important to the Landlord, 700+ is pretty typical.


Please forward this link to any roommates who have not yet filled out an application online. Any tenant planning to be on the lease must fill out an

Tenant Application

Please complete the information completely and accurately. Each applicant must complete an individual application.

Part 1: Apartment & Unit Applying For:

Part 2: Applicant Information:


Part 3: Your ID

Part 4a: Current Landlord Information

Part 4b: Current Address

[If different from your Government Issued State ID] If same address as your ID, leave BLANK, skip to the next part.

Part 4c: Previous Address (If less than 5 years)

If you lived at the current address 5 years or more, leave BLANK, skip to the next part.

Part 5: Employment Information:

(Proof will be required through Pay Stubs, Tax Return or W2). Students please place the name of your school in the employer section and student for occupation.

Note: The Landlord is looking for tenants with job history of at least 5 months at their current location to generate 40x their portion of the monthly rent on an annual basis. Strong credit is very important to the Landlord. 675+ is typical for approval. If any of these requirements are not met, you will require a guarantor.

Part 6: Using a Guarantor:

Please CLICK HERE to use this form. (It will open in a new tab). It's an adobe PDF form. Print it and fill it out (all required fields), sign and date and have it Notarized. Be advised: You will need to submit it - original form - (no copies, emails, fax will be accepted) to our office right away. You can upload it now so we have it on file until we receive the original.

Part 7: Upload Documents

Please attach ALL the relevant documents to the appropriate section. Note: while we love to receive everything at once, the sooner we get documents the better. If you are waiting on a specific document to surface, please send what you have and sumbit others . If all required paperwork is merged as one PDF you may attach it to any file area below.

Part 8: Signature & Agreements

Once you completed this application, uploaded all the required documents, please press the Submit button ONCE, to aviod duplicate submission. Thank you for choosing Subway Management!

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